Explore the
four seasons of Hokkaido


(April to May)

Hokkaido is considered one of the best cherry blossom areas among Japanese. The cherry blossom season here starts later than in other parts of the country, usually around late April to early May. After cherry blossoms, it is the turn for other seasonal spring flowers.

(June to August)

June is usually the rainy season (tsuyu) for most of the Japan, but Hokkaido misses out on this fun, making summer an excellent time to visit. Central Hokkaido’s flower season is at its peak around July.

(September to November)

Autumn is a good time for travelling Hokkaido: It is the harvest season here at Japan’s breadbasket. The trees show beautiful autumn colours, beginning in northern areas and higher altitudes in September, and spreading to all areas in late October.

(December to March)

Hokkaido is world-famous for its powder snow quality. This northernmost island of Japan gets indeed a lot of snow, but the weather is usually clear, crisp and pleasant, rather than damp. Snow starts to accumulate in December, January and February being the coldest time of the year.


True Autumn Full of Stunning Colors and Outdoor Activities in Central Hokkaido

Recommended Months: Middle of September to October
Take in the autumn of Hokkaido with all your senses! Experience a true autumn and the brilliant red, yellow and orange leaves among the magnificent mountains, gushing rivers and clear lakes of Hokkaido the treasure island. Fall is not just about the outdoors: autumn, the season of harvest, is also called the season of appetite in Japan. This will be...

SDGs – Focused Private Tour in Northern Hokkaido, JAPAN

Recommended months: June through October
Sustainable travel is always important for any travel plan created by Hokkaido Treasure Island Travel team. However, this itinerary takes the sustainable twist one step further. Travel more sustainably with Hokkaido Treasure Island Travel and: – Visit rural locations. Support the local businesses. – Engage in cultural experiences. Making sure it is the person in front of you that gets...

The Art of Japanese Craftsmanship and the Flowers of Summertime Central Hokkaido

Recommended Month: July
This summer you are warmly welcomed to not only appreciate the breathtaking beauty of the famous Central Hokkaido lavender fields, but also to meet the people behind this phenomenon and learn about their passion and everyday lives. During this private tour you will also become acquainted with other artisans of Hokkaido, such as the melon farmers, sake brewers and sushi...

Local Experiences, Food, and Summer Scenery in Eastern Hokkaido for Families

Recommended Months: Early June to August
This trip will appeal to all members of the family, from children to grandparents. Enjoy a fun holiday for you and your loved ones and discover the tasty seasonal foods and vast summer landscapes of Japan’s last frontier. This family-friendly private tour of Hokkaido has been specially designed to meet the needs of a modern multi-generational family, allowing everyone to...

Cherry Blossoms and Springtime Culinary in Southern Hokkaido

Recommended Months: Late April to Early May
The highly anticipated spring season has arrived in Japan’s Final Frontier! When the “sakura” cherry blossom season in other parts of the country has ended, here the flower viewing peak is just getting started. Spring is also excellent timing for a culinary travel adventure. During this private tour, you will travel in South Hokkaido and experience not only the well-known...