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We are Hokkaido Treasure Island Travel Inc (HTIT), an award-winning team of creators of unique, perfectly tailored Hokkaido travel experiences. Hokkaido is a 'Treasure Island' to us, and therefore, we named our company after it. Our product team collaborates with locals in each town and village all over Hokkaido to develop unique content. Our sales team creates a personalized, tailored experience for our FIT clients. As well, work with agents to create small group tours for 10 to 12 people, including Winter Bird Photography Tours(Japan Winter Birding Tours) and Multicultural Activities(Japanese Cultural Experiences).

Through our original content and stories, you will learn more about Hokkaido's uniqueness. For the past 15 years, we have built up a relationship with expert licensed guides. We are constantly opening new doors and making local destinations previously inaccessible for travelers available all over Hokkaido. Our mission is to create for you a journey of a lifetime, every time you travel with us.

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Private tours with a Personal driver in Hokkaido, North Japan

Get the most out of your visit to Hokkaido, Japan with our customized private tours. We offer multi-day private guided tours with a car and personal driver all for your use. There will be an English-speaking licensed tour guide supporting you during the whole trip, making it possible to head right into the heart of Northern Japan, and enjoy a cultural adventure without masses of tourists. Realize your dreams, immerse yourself into a different culture and get off the well-worn tourist trails with our unique travel plans!

  • Full support service for your trip with a dedicated travel consultant.
  • Completely private tours tailored just for you.
  • Unique authentic Japanese culture experiences.
  • Luxury cars & minibuses with a personal driver.
  • Experienced, English speaking licensed tour guides.
  • No stress. Pick-up/drop off at your hotel. Leave everything to us.
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sustainability of tourism in Hokkaido

Sustainable travel experiences with the Hokkaido locals

By using our travel services, you are contributing to the sustainability of tourism in Hokkaido.
* A carbon offset is a method of trying to balance out one's production of carbon through the purchase or investment of contributing to another environmental project.

We believe that tourism should operate in partnership with local people, ultimately providing employment and economic benefits for the community as well as helping to place a value on the cultural and natural heritage of a destination. This is why we also offer "Off the Beaten Path" local programs that are each created together with the people of Hokkaido. Our Regional Tourism Development Department’s staff regularly visits small towns and learns about the villages' culture and industry from the locals. Together they create new programs and activities from scratch with the town residents. Please enjoy your once in a lifetime, authentic Hokkaido journey!
It would be our pleasure if this vacation inspires you to learn about the local people and to see the world in a different way than you did before.



Travel Consultant


Travel Consultant


Travel Consultant