Travel Consultant

In her 20’s, Kiyoka worked at Narita airport as a member of the information staff for 3 years. Later she worked for 4 years with Japan Rail Hokkaido in Sapporo helping foreign visitors in purchasing tickets and exchanging vouchers for Japan Rail Passes at the JR information counter. Kiyoka especially loves to travel in Hokkaido because she feels she can always find attractive landscapes and fun things to do wherever she goes. “I would be happy if I can help you to make your journey special by taking advantage of my travel experience. I promise you to make my very best for your happiest journey ever!”

KIYOKA'S EXPERTISE: The best scenic rides and train trips in Hokkaido, Japan

Kiyoka is confident in her knowledge of the best train trips in Hokkaido. “Please feel free to let me know if you would like to enjoy taking the train in Hokkaido” she says. “Don’t you think it is amazing that you can enjoy a train ride for the great green nature view which is available only from the trains?” Kiyoka also loves designing kids-friendly tours taking advantage of her travel experiences with her nephews aged 1 and 3. “I am glad to arrange anything the mom with baby needs and what makes kids happy – not only things but also having lot of rest on the way to change diapers, running around in the park and kids-friendly restaurants!”

  • Her favorites:

Kiyoka especially loves traveling in Hokkaido because she thinks there are attractive landscapes and interesting things to do wherever she goes. She also loves the fact that Hokkaido has everything one can need for an adventure – physical activities, kind locals, and tasty meals. “I am always here for you to arrange the happiest adventure tour for you!”



“The most important reason I work in travel is that I would like to give kindness back to people – People who gave me kindness in overseas when I traveled, people who give me kindness in Hokkaido and people who gave me kindness when I worked in my previous working place. I am sure that this is my turn to make people who come to Hokkaido super happy.”