Great year-end holiday for myself and my family.

Great year-end holiday for myself and my family.

From : Singapore 10 Family member, 2023.12

This is a great year-end holiday for myself and my family. The itinerary is well planned and provides sufficient time for sightseeing, shopping and play. Our tour planner, Haruka-San is very nice and accommodative.  Our driver, Shuji-San is friendly, warm and helpful. Most of all, he puts driving safety as his top priority all the time. This is essential for driving in a harsh weather. We had a very enjoyable trip and will definitely be back to Hokkaido again!

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Family was from Singapore – mum, dad and three children!

Focus was definately enjoy the snow in many different ways – Sledding, Snowmobiling, Winter harvesting, Wildlife watching, Snowshoeing and more! I was very lucky to be a part of this amazing family trip.

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  • When they joined the Wildlife watching tour in Shiretoko, they have found eagles, foxes and raccoon dogs!
    I think they enjoyed seeing a lot of wild animals that are hard to find in southern Hokkaido.
  • I hope they enjoyed Christmas surrounded by snow. In Japan, everyone eats Christmas cake, so I’m glad that they were able to experience that tradition.