Here you can find up-to-date information about traveling to Hokkaido, Japan in the post-lockdown world, as well as the covid-19 countermeasures taken by Hokkaido Treasure Island Travel private tours and our local partners. For more accurate information on covid-19 in Hokkaido, please check the information published by the Japanese and Hokkaido Goverments.


Covid-19 situation in Hokkaido, Japan (Last updated: September 26 2022)

Starting June 10, 2022, tourism will resume in Japan. However, currently tourists to Japan will require a tourist visa.


Can I travel to Hokkaido with HTIT now?

Yes, you can! We have been welcoming travelers since July. We will:

  • Support visa applications and issue ERFS forms in addition to other necessary documents
  • Arrange tours and tour conductors following guidelines, including transportation within Tokyo and other parts of Japan
  • Provide contact information and support in case of any emergencies that occur during travel
  • Support you throughout your tour
  • Keep you informed to help you follow the requests for travelers to Japan before, during, and after your travels. Read more about those here!



The guidelines for obtaining a visa and travel for tourism in Japan were issued on June 7, 2022. These guidelines apply to travelers coming from Classification Blue countries in June, and who have been in those countries 14 days before traveling to Japan. Countries that are not classified as Blue have different requirements for entry into Japan, potentially including quarantine periods. Those wishing to travel to Japan with a tourism visa must join a guided tour and adhere to the current following guidelines.

The tours must:

  • Be guided tours for the entirety of the tour. This still applies if the travel company does not handle airfare. English speaking drivers count as guides.
  • Have a predetermined itinerary.
  • Be organized by a travel agency or operator registered under the Japanese Travel Agency Law. This includes Hokkaido Treasure Island Travel.


Before Travel, Visitors Must:

  • Apply for a tourism visa with documents made by a travel agency or operator registered under the Japanese Travel Agency Law. Hokkaido Treasure Island Travel will issue ERFS forms (the current immigration health confirmation system) and other necessary documents to use when applying for their visa.
    • Please check your home country’s Japanese embassy for more details on visa applications
    • As of August 18th, 2022, Americans and Canadians can apply for visas online
    • Currently visa applications in many countries are taking a long time to process due to a high volume of demand. Please apply as soon as possible, up to 3 months in advance.
  • Apply for Visit Japan Web and Fast Track, including downloading the MySOS app for all travelers
  • Purchase private medical insurance that includes coverage for medical expenses related to new coronavirus infection and services.
  • Stay in countries that are classified as “Blue” from 14 days prior to arrival in Japan.
  • A negative covid test within 72 hours of departure may be necessary


During Travel, Visitors Must:

  • Wear masks (except for outdoor activities, etc.)
  • Sanitize hands
  • Follow the tour guide’s instructions to avoid the “Three Cs” – closed spaces with poor ventilation, crowded places with many people nearby, and close-contact setting such as close-range conversations.


We cannot predict how long these guidelines will be in place or how they will change in the future. The requirements and situation in Japan are changing quickly, and we will update this page when we have more information.


For details, please refer to the link below: 



Latest Covid-19 situation updates in Japan in English: 

Japan travel instructions and entry bans: 

Summary of Latest Information Regarding COVID-19 in Hokkaido :


Is HTIT operating private tours normally at the moment? 

Hokkaido Treasure Island Travel continues private tour operations normally for domestic travelers and overseas travelers who follow the visa guidelines at the time of their private tour. Designing a tailor-made private tour according to your wishes always takes some time. We are more than happy to take it slow and prepare for your well-deserved vacation for late 2022, 2023, or after, while monitoring the situation.
*COVID-19 may prevent us from providing some of the services previously offered in Hokkaido. Please take advantage of our private tours in Hokkaido, where detailed consultation and coordination are possible.


What is HTIT’s cancellation and insurance policy?

Cancellations and Deposits: We have a flexible deposit and cancellation policy now. Please feel free to inquire us now for a future trip.
You can find the detailed Terms and Conditions under:

Please check page 11 about the cancellation policy. For cancellations related to covid-19, we will generally offer you a full refund.
However, even for a cancellation due to Covid-19, please note that in some cases you will have to cover the cancellation fees for some hotels and other contractors, especially during peak season bookings and depending on their cancellation policies.


Insurance: We are part of a Japanese insurance package for foreign travelers that includes also hospitalization in case of coronavirus. Please ask for details when contacting us. We warmly recommend our customers to take also a travel insurance on their own. It is currently required that insurance covers the novel coronavirus, including hospitalization due to the virus, fees in a quarantine hotel, plane fees for unplanned return to your home country, etc. We are a local travel agency, so in case of any emergency situation we will be here in Hokkaido together with you, supporting you through the process.


Hokkaido Treasure Island Travel’s countermeasures against the spread of Covid-19

All our tours are private, so there will not be other tourists traveling with you; you can travel comfortably with your close contacts only.  We specialize in rural and off the beaten path locations of Hokkaido, so there is no need to visit any potentially crowded touristic places.

We will take care of the preparations for you, so that you can just concentrate on your long-anticipated trip. Some examples:


HTIT travel service

  • Private tours with a personal driver: No public transportation. No other tourists. Travel just with your close contacts.

   ・Wearing a face mask: A common custom in Japan, especially in the current situation.
   ・Good hygiene: There will also be disinfection available in your private car. Cleaning the car and regular disinfection takes place between customers. During the private tour the car will be used only by your group.
   ・Ventilating the car regularly.
   ・Latest information: Your driver and guide will provide you with information on places where you can wash your hands etc.
   ・Monitoring personal health: There will be a no-contact infrared thermometer available in the car. Our drivers have been instructed to monitor their body temperature and any cold symptoms, so that they do not work when under the weather. 

  • Avoiding crowded places: HTIT specializes in off the beaten path destinations. You do not have to add any classic sightseeing locations or large cities to your personal itinerary if you are not comfortable with the idea.
  • Social distancing: We will recommend to you a wide range of activities and locations where keeping the appropriate social distancing can easily be done, so that you do not have to stress.
  • Good hygiene and frequent chances for disinfection and washing hands: The overall level of hygiene in Japan is very good. Your driver and guide will provide you with information regarding places where you can wash your hands etc.
  • Choosing hotels and restaurants with care: We do not use hotels that can not take proper care of the safety of our clients. No crowded restaurants or buffets. We can make restaurant reservations for your private group only.
  • Private onsen: Hokkaido is a famous “onsen” hot springs destination in Japan. Public onsen is a common practice, but we can arrange you a room with a private onsen if you feel uncomfortable with the idea of a public bath.
  • Flexible deposit policy: We have a flexible deposit policy. You can wait until two months prior to your booked private tour before the deposit has to be made. Please note the policy may differ according to hotel terms and conditions.
  • Personal and professional travel service: Let us know any concerns you may have and we will search for the options that best suit your preferences. We will make it work!

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Why should I choose HTIT for my post-corona trip?

We are a private tour operator based in Hokkaido, Japan. Our specialty is arranging off the beaten track multiple day private tours with a personal driver. Sustainable travel and supporting the local communities are important for us. Our service includes:

  • Completely private tours tailored just for you
  • Unique authentic Japanese culture experiences
  • Luxury cars & minibuses with a personal driver
  • Experienced, English speaking licensed tour guides
  • No stress. Pick-up/drop off at your hotel. Leave everything to us!


Hokkaido Treasure Island Travel has deep connections with the local businesses of Hokkaido. We find supporting the small local businesses especially important in the current world situation. You can trust our high standards and that we will choose the accommodation, activities and restaurants that best fit your needs.

We kindly ask that everyone traveling with our private tours will cooperate with safe travel etiquette, for the protection and comfort of themselves and the people around them.

Please do not hesitate to come say hi and let us know if you have any questions or concerns regarding your travel plans to Hokkaido, Japan!

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