Travel Consultant

In her twenties, Kaori was a scuba diving instructor. She has been an underwater guide for international divers in 6 countries. Kaori loved especially her life in the small island of Sipadan in Malaysia, Madan in Papua New Guinea and the Maldives. To borrow her own words it was “just amazing, like living in heaven”. In her thirties, Kaori rose from the underwater world to the land. She has been an international tour guide who has escorted and guided numerous Japanese tourists literally all over the world. Kaori has traveled almost everywhere in the world and also lived in a few different countries. She has experienced and seen the world’s top class activities and destinations. After all her adventures across the world Kaori has landed to Japan’s northernmost island Hokkaido, and she can say with confidence that Hokkaido is one of the most amazing travel destination in the whole world.

KAORI'S EXPERTISE: Passing on the story of the miracle of Hokkaido!

One aspect that makes Hokkaido so wonderful in Kaori’s opinion, is the food. She points out that Japan’s tastiest seafood, dairy products, vegetables and even meat are all produced in Hokkaido. One could say, that the world-famous Japanese cuisine would not be what it is if it was not for Hokkaido. Kaori likes to tell international travelers that Hokkaido is a popular domestic travel destination also among the Japanese tourists throughout the year; Japanese who live in other parts of the country dream of traveling to Hokkaido and tasting its delicacies. The Japanese really love Hokkaido as a travel destination, Kaori tells proudly.

And it is not just the food what makes Hokkaido so great. According to Kaori the nature is another side of Hokkaido that makes it “the island of miracles”. One reason for this is the drift ice that wanders with the sea currents all the way from Russia. The drift ice brings with it plenty of plankton that attracts all sorts of sea creatures, even the orca. “You will be amazed by the school of Orca in summer time. I never ever seen such a rich ocean in my diving life,” Kaori tells excitedly. On the top of the food and nature, Kaori also loves the fact that one can enjoy excellent “onsen” hot springs in Hokkaido. She calls the island “an onsen paradise”. Kaori thinks that everything that is so great about Hokkaido was made possible by the locals’ hard work in the past.

KAORI’S FAVORITES: Spring and early summer in Hokkaido

Kaori confesses she loves the most the spring and early summer of Hokkaido. “Middle of April, we start to feel the spring has come!” she exclaims. Around this time all the snow that covered the ground for almost six months finally starts to melt and the strong soil will appear from underneath. Spring is also the season of wild vegetables. This is yet another reason why the spring and early summer are Kaori’s Hokkaido favorites. “The fried butterbur sprout is the one I really want to all my guest taste it at least once in a life! To look for those vegetables in the fresh forest is a great fun like treasure hunt too!” Kaori laughs. And then, from middle of May to June, the spring flowers start to bloom. According to Kaori, this is the true flower season for the locals of Hokkaido. It is not just the nature: All around the island people also decorate their own private gardens with flowers as the spring and summer arrive. “This the Mother of Hokkaido and I really hope you to feel it!”


“On welcoming you at Hokkaido, I always feel like as if I am traveling with you as a guide. Your smile makes me happy and I am always there for you to make sure your memorable holiday be sure!

The world is huge, and the time is limited. So, one holiday is really the treasure, and everybody want to experience, feel and see to fulfill all the dream. That is same as me! And I love to help to make your dream come true.”