HOKKAIDO, JAPAN Winter and Spring Tours & Holidays 2021-22

HOKKAIDO, JAPAN Winter and Spring Tours & Holidays 2021-22

It’s safe to say that the Covid-19 pandemic has prevented us from travelling as much as we would like to. Throughout the majority of 2020, we saw our plans dashed or postponed and we are now more than ready to get out exploring once again.
We are noticing the excitement beginning to build as people get geared up and ready to make up for lost time, planning to hop on a flight as soon as able. A travel boom is most certainly on the horizon.

Cancellations and Deposits: We have a flexible deposit and cancellation policy now. Please feel free to inquire us now for a future trip.
You can find the detailed Terms and Conditions under:
Please check page 11 about the cancellation policy. For cancellations related to covid-19, we will generally offer you a full refund.
However, even for a cancellation due to Covid-19, please note that in some cases you will have to cover the cancellation fees for some hotels and other contractors, especially during peak season bookings and depending on their cancellation policies.
We would appreciate it if you could keep us informed about your country’s situation.

Insurance: We are part of a Japanese insurance package for foreign travelers that includes also hospitalization in case of coronavirus. Please ask for details when contacting us. We warmly recommend our customers to take also a travel insurance on their own. It is recommended that the insurance covers the novel coronavirus, including hospitalization due to the virus, fees in a quarantine hotel, plane fees for unplanned return to your home country etc. We are a local travel agency, so in case of any emergency situation, we will be here in Hokkaido together with you, supporting you through the process.

An adventure travel company you can trust

There’s a reason why many customers say they’d book an adventure travel with us again.

1.Unforgettable experiences!
From big wows to hidden gems, our tours leave you feeling that you’ve really explored.

2.Expert local guides!
Chosen for great knowledge of their country, and a passion to make your trip extraordinary.

3.We do the right thing!
How we operate sets us apart; our flexible booking policy, loyalty scheme & sustainable approach.

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Hokkaido Treasure Island Travel has deep connections with the local businesses of Hokkaido. We find supporting the small local businesses especially important in the current world situation. You can trust our high standards and that we will choose the accommodation, activities and restaurants that best fit your needs.
We kindly ask that everyone traveling with our private tours will cooperate with safe travel etiquette, for the protection and comfort of themselves and the people around them.

Please do not hesitate to come say hi and let us know if you have any questions or concerns regarding your travel plans to Hokkaido, Japan!